3/4 Check In

It’s mid-September and I have reached about the 3/4 year point. I have been a stay-at-home Dad now for nine months. I was expecting to have some revolutionary details of what it has been like since the last time I posted, but honestly, I have none. Day-to-day life is pretty much hitting its stride. So I suppose I will just do a rundown of the biggest milestones since the lat time we spoke here.

  1. Aug 1, 2016. Olivia turned 1. It was her birthday. OMG! The sky is falling. I can’t believe it has already been one year. She has changed soooo much. I am sooo old now. I wish I could sleep. Blah blah blah. S0 none of that really applied. Oh, she turned one. But it was honestly uneventful. Yes, turning one was a big deal. For her. Because she was the one turning one. As for the wife and I, while we had our short moments of “Look how big she is compared to when she was born”, her turning one was just another day. We didn’t have freakouts. We didn’t have epiphanies about how drastically our life had been altered or longing for the days of before Baby. Liv turned one, we had Cheesecake Factory to celebrate and then we continued on. This baby did not like cheesecake, though.
  2.  Aug 13, 2016. We had Liv’s birthday party. It was a Saturday after school had started so we knew people would be around. We had them trapped so people were forced to come! We spent days and weeks planning for it. This was actually more stressful than actually worrying about her birthday. We wanted to do an Olympics theme. Nobody has any good Olympics decorations though. So we changed it to safari animals. Much easier and cuter. People showed up, brought lots of gifts, ate lots of food, and Liv seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. People are cool. Early afternoon parties that last only a couple hours are the way to go. Nobody drowned in the pool. I call it a success.
  3.  Rest of Aug 2016. I don’t remember exact dates so here is the rest of what happened in August. Liv stood on her own for the first time. Liv had a playdate with another baby for the first time. That’s about it.

I have come to have a weekly Daddy-Daughter date every Thursday at a local breakfast joint. I find this to be my favorite time of the week. I like continuity and going to this place every week brings about a sort of familiarity to which Liv can rely on. She recognizes the waitresses when she gets there and is extremely friendly and talkative with them. It’s a good learning tool for her and she gets great feedback from the girls that work there. They are awesome with her and the smile she gets on her face when they play with her and talk with her is priceless. I can see the development from one week to the next. It’s amazing. She has a way of creating a rapport with people in a short manner that is so astounding. She waves to everyone that walks by or enters the restaurant. She will talk to anybody that will listen. High fives are evolving, but she also loves the fake out. I could sit there for hours with her as she interacts with the people and I think she could too. Shy she is not. Vanity will certainly be a concern when she gets older!

Ah and she finally found her first princess. Princess Sofia on the Disney Channel has become her favorite show/princess. She loves the theme song. As soon as it plays she stops what she is doing and listens to it, and tries to dance to it and even attempts to sing a little bit, in her own way. A-dorable. As much as I try to expose her to sports, I feel she is still going to be a little princess. Just a princess who can hip-check I hope. With her being able to recognize so much on television now, it means I have had to reduce my Bones/Castle intake in the afternoons and throw in more Paw Patrol and Spongebob. Luckily she still gets her daily dose of Mike & Mike in the Morning. Thank God she spends a lot of time going into her bedroom and pulling out books. She loves to read, or at least turn the pages. Her library is growing by the day and the fact she loves going through her books so much is a good sign. Can’t wait to start reading her classics, like Band of Brothers and American Sniper. Or maybe some Stephen King, you know, every girl loves a fantasy story.

So our next battle is Halloween. What to dress up a 14 month old as. The conundrums one endures.

Like I said, the last couple months have not been filled with momentous, earth shattering events. But what they have brought is a stability and routine that is helping Liv grow into a toddler. It is allowing me to find my groove and make things easier for mommy when she gets home from work each night and allows her to have max quality time with Liv as she can in such a short period of time. Until next time. Stay frosty friends.



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