Salutations. My name is Aaron Sleichter (pronounced like Easter with an SL in front). I am a Stay At Home Dad to my almost 2 year old daughter, Olivia. This blog follows our journey as we negotiate day to day life as father and screwed-over child, since she got stuck with me as the full time parent on duty instead of her more reliable mother. I am in my mid-30’s and am coming from a diverse military and government background. I spent six years in the United States Army. I spent two years training to become, and then 4 years being a Special Forces Soldier, or Green Beret. I then spent three years in the contracting world training and preparing troops who would be fighting overseas in conflict. Afterwards I focused on my education and finished my BA in Political Science where I went to lobby on behalf of veterans in my home state as well as interning at our state Capitol.

Notice how nowhere there did it say anything about being a dad. That’s because I didn’t become a dad until after all of this. Having an extensive background in doorkicking, sniping, and machine gunning was not necessarily what I had in mind for preparing to be a father, least of all a stay at home one. However, through this blog I am helping myself and others who took an unconventional path to fatherhood, understand how those experiences shape the dads we are today. And sitting in a sniper overwatch position 10 years ago in Afghanistan, being a stay at home dad and spending my days watching Paw Patrol and Disney Princesses was not something I would have ever envisioned myself doing. But life has a funny way of working out.

So this is my blog and I hope you enjoy it. Pardon my language throughout and if I end up using too much Army slang or acronyms, well, so be it. It’s who I am and what I do. God speed.