All I wanted was Noodles and Co. (oh, and a Date Night)

Having a Date Night is rarefied territory for my wife and I. We are simple folk. We don’t ask for much. Just an outdoor TV, Noodles and Co. for lunch, and the ability to see the latest Fast and Furious movie because I have a man crush on all things Vin Diesel. Well Saturday proved once again why you can’t have nice things when you have toddlers. Naturally, it all started because our go-to day care center decided it was more important to be used for teaching people of all ages life saving measures in the form of CPR and First-Aid, which meant we were unable to drop Liv off there for the afternoon. And since we have yet to actually handpick some 16 year old sophomore from the local high school to entrust our daughter’s very existence, we were forced to alter our plans.

First, we decided since we were no longer attending the new Luxury cinema that just opened up directly across the parking lot from the day care place (so convenient), we would eat at Noodles and Co. Not the greatest food in the world but I had my heart set on their so-so cheese steak sandwich they make. Fittingly, on the way there, Liv decided it was the perfect time to take her nap. So I made the command decision to forego Noodles and Co. for the time being and push on to Best Buy. I told you, we are simple people with simple needs, so we got our outdoor TV with no issues. At this point, with Liv fully awake, the wife and I determined that we may as well go have a full sit down meal that would take care of both lunch and dinner. I gave up my Noodles and Co. for BJ’s Restaurant. Again, not the best of food but it’s reliable and close by. We go in, sit down right away, and proceed to watch as Liv has a meltdown. Eating at BJ’s was not on her agenda. Of course, what really grinds my gears, is that the waitress brought over my soda and I take one sip and let her know that we are unfortunately leaving. She then informs me that she unfortunately already entered the drink into the system and thus must collect her three dollars from me. Exqueese me? Seriously? I gave her the three bucks, shorting her the .18 cents for tax, and we leave.

Alright, it’s Noodles and Co. time. We are back on track. Our day’s plans have not quite gone accordingly, but dammit, I’ma get me some Noodles and Co. Walk it, it’s empty of course because it’s like 230 pm on a Saturday. We look at the menu on the wall, and look, and look, and look. No sammiches. W.T.F. yo!? Where are all their sammiches? The menu is completely devoid of sammiches of any kind. Noodles and Co. will not be happening. Most likely ever again. I mean, I don’t go there for their noodles that’s for damn sure. Luckily, right next store is an exemplary Chicago cheese steak and hot dog joint. So I do get my cheese steak sammich. We take our food back home, sit up at the table, and date night turns into family night with a more than ecstatic Olivia chowing down on some french fries. Home is where the heart is, and on this day, Liv’s heart was set on home. We had the audacity to want to have a few hours for ourselves. As parents, we should have known better. Murphy’s Law: Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. Sometimes, that’s ok.


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  1. You can still have your date night at the drive-in, what’s wrong with that! You can eat, talk out loud and even Liv can scream a little till you can’t stand it! Then if you are lucky you might see a good movie if she lets you!

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