Kids are cats

We have a water bottle with one of those spray nozzles on it. We have had it for years because we have cats. And we got it because said cats like to do stupid and annoying things like chew on our charging cables in the middle of the night. The spray bottle was a good means to shoo them away, except for the fact that they, you know, never gave a crap when they got sprayed.

So the spray bottle went into the nursery next to the changing table. It was used to spray water on Liv’s butt when she got extra dirty. However today I discovered another perfect use for the spray bottle. You see Liv likes to make a production out of changing her diaper. It has turned into a very long, protracted procedure that includes limbs flailing, turning, twisting, contorting, etc. What should take 30 seconds can now take 10 minutes. Since I do not want to hurt her by physically forcing her to lie still, I picked up the spray bottle. Unlike with the cats, I gave her a warning. When she failed to comply with this warning, she got a spray of water to her face. Stunned, she challenged my determination. She continued. I warned her again. She failed to comply. Another spray to the face. She challenged my determination once again. She continued her resistance to the diaper change. This time I gave her no warning. She was stunned again, then cried. She stopped flailing about and cried her fake cry. She was probably more pissed that I had found the means to defeat her. I got the diaper on. The water spray bottle worked this time. I do not expect it to be effective for much longer as she finds a new means of resistance. But for this evening I shall enjoy my victory. Until tomorrow little one. Until tomorrow.

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