Warning Order: Intros

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Aaron. I am the Frontline Dad. My wife and I are the parents to our beautiful infant daughter, Olivia. I am a former Army Special Forces soldier turned Stay-At-Home Dad. I chose the name Frontline Dad mainly because all the other obvious choices were taken. So don’t think there is some sort of deep meaning to it. I served on the front lines in Afghanistan so I figured it would be a clever way to parlay it into a blog name. However, my military experience plays a significant role in my family life and how I behave as a parent, which is the basis for the desire to write a blog. My path going from the tip of the military spear to Mr. Mom is a road that not many of my peers have gone down. There are many opportunities for a lot of us from this particular community in the contracting world, or in government, or in the private sector and while I spent a few years pursuing those options, I know it is rare for many men to go the Stay-At-Home Dad route. Hence my need to write a blog. If many of the Stay-At-Home Dads are like me, there are so many experiences they are having but do not have the proper channels to discuss them. So Frontline Dad is my way of reaching out to other guys who have gone the road less traveled and perhaps connect with them in an online setting.

After my military service and years working as a firearms instructor, I finished up my degree in Political Science. My wife and I live in Sacramento, California. We had lived in the Bay Area but that place is impractical for raising a family unless both parents are committed to working full time and bringing in six figures each. Sacramento provided the best options for us and the opportunity to buy a nice home in a nice area with a great school district. Honestly we cannot find a better place to live in this state than where we are now. We are extremely fortunate to be in the position we are and that is never lost on us. The decision for me to stay home was not easy, but in ways it was, and I will touch on that in a separate posting.

On a personal level, I am just a regular dude. I love all things sports. I love shooting. I love finding five minutes to play XBOX. I am trying to learn to play the guitar, so one day I can at least attempt to get my daughter interested in music and becoming a future prodigy! My wife and I hike when we can, use to mountain bike but its been years it seems since we’ve done it steadily. We traveled all over when we could, but now with a baby and my fear of flying, traveling has slowed down if it isn’t within driving distance. I am fascinated with politics but have grown disenchanted with it since my daughter was born. Things I found myself caring about last year I couldn’t care less about since my daughter came to us. Funny how that works. Family is THE priority for me and always will be. I spent years in the military focusing on me, and promised myself and my wife that the sacrifice she made putting up with my BS in the Army would be repaid. So here I am. And I know there are others out there that have similar stories and just need someone to relate to. So let’s get this thing cranking. Mission Frontline Dad is a Go!

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  1. A man’s man? I scoffed so loudly i woke up the baby.

    1. I changed it. So there.

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